One way ticket

Moving around
Coveting the next place to go to 
As a new kingdom to conquer
Each time,
Opening the doors as the promises of insatiable
Wandering around
With the joy of kids riding
For the first time
Their brand-new shiny bicycles

Traveling to the supermarket and return
A particular taste for risk
Traveling in the supermarket
A particular taste for exploration
The Oreo Bay mesolithic soil is delicate to walk on
Traveling above the cashier desk
The perfume of freedom wrapping up the ladies exhaustion
Traveling from the kitchen to the pontoon
The intemperate alligators lowered their eyes

Traveling from resolute cold distance
To astonishingly close intimacy
Traveling from language to silence
Thinking of traveling
Dreaming of traveling
Traveling Spirit as a fundamental rule
With the smile of rascals ready to steal the light

Moving while we were lying down outside
Moving while we were eating outside
Moving while we could hardly realize
The two of us were here
Existing all over the place
Moving through the epiphany of our contrast
Under the water of our tropical indolence

The only place
Within we never moved

January 2011