I lost some mass
I needed to help the balance
 Between my brain and the silence to become stabilized
I lost one of the two

I must not think it’s retaliation
It’s a simple law
Right by my side, my safety equalizes my vacillations
 With its distinct gravity

In calculating my loss index, I found a hobby
I’m working day and night on a new type of laughing aerosol
The formula is almost ready
It’s just a question of time and oblivion

I lost some dreams

I should have wraped each of them in a delicate fabric
So discreet I could have mixed them up with the classical wrong side
Of sabbatical fantasies

I lost some dreams
The oldest ones where one adds colors as an habit without
Even thinking of it
Then believes one single body could weight for two

I admit it
I lost some gas, I lost some gas
My octane rating should be far higher
I breath deeply from my hips
That’s why part of my cheeks may appear a little cyanotic.

I lost some mass
My two indexfingers point towards the same waste
I still have what's left with my two hands to scratch each others.

December 2010