Two-way Mirror

As if, this is the way you talked to me
You spoke in your eternal language
 And in a slow movement the sense unfolded
Like a larva, slowly became
You never stopped because I was tumbling in the rear
I thank you for this lack of consideration
You shared this language like if it was ours
I don’t have any right to claim
Except to smell my sweat

This is the way you explained
Talking faster  as soon as you were running away
Running away as you talked
The transparency is not a fact
In American English
In a smog of Transatlantic confusion, words turned traitors

Don’t fool yourself
You ran onto the surface of words as if they had one
You thought you were walking on your home floor
But the language took you in its extremely long arms
In the midst of your constant agitation

I watched the distance becoming limitless between you and your words
We didn’t lose any other thing than ourselves in translation

October 2010